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The Midnight Sun Rally

15 June – 6 July 2019


​A luxurious adventure rally from Gothenburg to Bergen, via the Arctic Circle, Lapland and the North Cape

A midsummer nights dream

Rally Round’s 2019 Midnight Sun Rally is an epic voyage of discovery from Gothenburg (Göteborg) to Bergen, venturing beyond the Arctic Circle into the wild and majestic fringes of northern Europe, where the summer sun never sets. Conceived by internationally renowned route designer Kim Bannister and the vastly experienced Rally Round team, this spectacular three-week adventure will be a supremely luxurious and highly sociable one. You will stay in some of Scandinavia’s best hotels, enjoy its finest cuisine and visit many of its greatest natural and cultural attractions, from stunning mountains and fjords to Santa’s workshop at Rovianemi and the awesome North Cape, where Europe’s northermost road brings you to a dramatic promontory overlooking the Barents Sea. Every detail of the rally has been meticulously planned for your enjoyment, including a special deal on car delivery to and from the event, a luggage transport service and expert mechanical and medical support; as ever, Rally Round is committed to providing unrivalled customer care from start to finish.

Open to no more than 35 vintage and pre-1977-type classic cars, the event been designed to suit both experienced and novice crews; there will be no hazardous speed sections, car-breaking terrain or night driving, and the entire route will be set out in a detailed and comprehensive roadbook. You will find more information and answers to frequently asked questions in the event brochure, which you may read or download via the link on this page, and we are always very happy to receive enquiries to the Rally Round office – simply click the enquiry button above or telephone +44 (0)1252 794100. We look forward to hearing from you!