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The Tiger Rally

November 16th to December 8th 2012

Tiger Rally 2012

TR12 Mustang square

Tiger Rally 2012

In November and December 2012 we ran the popular Tiger Rally through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. As this colourful event progressed, the changes in the countryside, people, traditions and architecture, not to mention the road surfaces, became exquisitely evident.

Rally participants enjoyed the fruits of the extensive research and planning that goes into such an event, with many observing that they were extremely privileged to travel in such delightful cars to parts of the world that most tourists are unable to access, allowing first-hand experience of fascinating local cultures. Highlights abounded daily, from floating markets, temples, the famous Bridge on the River Kwai, the Mekong experience, superb scenery and visits to private car collections such as the Jesada Motor Technik.

Several participants nominated as a particular high point the breathtaking ridge road we drove in northern Thailand, where the spectacular views encompassed Burma, Thailand and Laos. Everyone certainly enjoyed the amazing rally hotels, which provided world-class comforts at the end of hot and dusty driving days, not least the lovely Anantara hotel in the Golden Triangle, where elephants greeted guests on the veranda at breakfast! Several crews, notably the Osheas, the Tooheys and the Harrisons, rode the elephants on safari and even washed them in the river. Yet along the whole, wonderful route, nothing prepared us for the ancient ruins of Siem Reap and the temple dinner at Ankor Watt, another once-in-a-lifetime experience on a truly unforgettable event.

Entry List

No.DriverCo-DriverCarEngine Size (cc)Class
1Irvine Laidlaw (GBR)Christine Laidlaw (GBR)1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL2778Touring
2Michael O'Shea (GBR) Sarah O'Shea (GBR)1948 Jaguar MkIV3500Touring
3Dr Jose Romao de Sousa (PRT)Maria Romao de Sousa (PRT)1968 Volvo 142S1993Sport
6Gerd Buhler (DEU)Dr Birgit Deymann-Buhler (DEU)1939 BMW 327/81957Sport
8David Harrison (GBR)Julia Harrison (GBR)1958 Porsche 356A Coupe1582Touring
10Roger Allen (AUS)Maggie Gray (AUS)1971 BMW 2800CS2788Sport
11Roland van Pelt (NLD)Stein van Pelt (NLD)1960 Volvo PV5441780Sport
12Etienne Veen (NLD)Lidy Veen (NLD1929 Bentley Speed Six6500Touring
13Herman de Jong (NLD)Vera Bos de Jong (NLD)1937 Alvis Speed 253500Touring
14Jan Dingemans (NLD) Marleen Schapendonk (NLD)1933 Lagonda M45 T74467Touring
15Jan van Gemert (NLD)Marion van Gemert (NLD)1965 Ford Mustang4700Sport
16Mark Crook (GBR)Carolanne Crook (GBR)1971 Porsche 9111998Sport
17Jan Woien (NOR)Jan Hansen (NOR)1935 Alvis Speed 20/253571Sport
18Marc Rollinger (LUX)Viviane Biel (LUX)1927 Bentley 4.5 Litre4500Touring
19Yves Gouzer (CHE)Elka Gouzer Waechter (CHE)1965 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk32913Touring
20Wim Peters (NLD)Nelly Peters (NLD)1966 Mercedes-Benz 230SL2306Sport
21Reg Toohey (AUS)Michelle Toohey (AUS)1972 Ford Mustang5751Sport


Car No.Driver & Co-DriverPenalties    Overall Position
3Jose & Maria Romao de Sousa000221
11Roland & Stein van Pelt04016202
17Jan Woien & Jan Hansen05018233
16Mark & Carolanne Crook01029304
21Reg & Michelle Toohey00040405
8David & Julia Harrison046024706
6Gerd Buhler & Birgit Deymann-Buhler0302332367
15Jan & Marion Van Gemert22060843108
10Roger Allen & Maggie Gray30040153199
2Michael & Sarah O’Shea3002008540510
20Wim & Nelly Peters01043143211
1Irvine & Christine Laidlaw-----N/A
12Etienne & Lidy Veen-----N/A
13Herman de Jong & Vera Bos de Jong-----N/A
14Jan Dingemans & Marleen Schapendonk-----N/A
18Marc Rollinger & Viviane Biel -----N/A
19Yves Gouzer & Elka Gouzer Waechter-----N/A

Tiger Rally 2012

Winners – Jose and Maria Romao de Sousa